Ranzhi nine large reliability test [stable performance

Since the beginning of the 21st century, the manufacturing level of high-power semiconductor power devices with excellent performance has been greatly improved, and a variety of high-power, small-volume, high-voltage, high-current power electronic devices have emerged, giving popularity to electromagnetic heaters. And the promotion brought vitality, and the household induction cooker has been hot for several years. In 2009, high-power industrial electromagnetic heating applications were beginning to emerge. The digital control technology is perfect and mature, and has been widely used in electromagnetic heating, which makes the working reliability and functional customization flexibility of the electromagnetic heating system greatly improved. Many functions of electromagnetic heating are also realized, and the price is greatly reduced. The low-quality industrial-grade electromagnetic heating products are quickly favored by energy-saving and environmental protection equipment manufacturers and coal-to-electricity, gas-to-electricity, and engineering. The Zhizhi electromagnetic heaters are economical and pass the company’s nine reliable aging test equipment (high temperature test, low temperature test). , humidity test, high pressure test, low voltage test, vibration test, interference impact test, power off test, start test.) Layer screening control quality, no matter in which environment to test by different working environment Both are more stable than the same industry. Environmentally friendly, energy-saving, and stable, it is easy to clean. Respected by customers in various industries.

Products are widely used in: plastic machinery, heating hot water, heat transfer oil, hot blast stove, vulcanizing machine, cold spark machine, roasting machine, printing machine, mould furnace, steam boilers, industrial furnaces, chemical boiler, garbage disposal equipment, food machinery, pharmaceutical machinery, all kinds of heat treatment equipment, solar panels welding, preheating, welding equipment, vacuum diffusion pump heating, electromagnetic heating roller, glass machinery heating, etc.