Technical advantages of Ranzhi electromagnetic heater

Our electromagnetic heater adopts infineon module with first-class quality and guaranteed quality, and the electromagnetic heating ring is customized according to the size of the equipment, which is convenient for customers to use.Professional focus on electromagnetic heating industry for seven years, quality assurance professional guarantee!Rest assured to buy! 

Technical advantages of electromagnetic heater

1. The product has many protection functions such as overheating, over current, over voltage, lack of phase, surge, under voltage, IGBT short circuit, open circuit, wire disc short circuit, open circuit, etc., ensuring safe and stable operation of the equipment.

2. Full bridge phase shift technology, dual-core high power devices using the world famous German infineon IGBT module.

3. The IGBT driver adopts the ultra-high-speed optocoupler of Agilent (HP) in the United States, and the processing speed of the nanosecond is to ensure the signal transmission stability and the faster protection when the fault occurs.

4. The control core adopts samsung high-speed digital processing chip, which can monitor the working status of the device in real time. 

5. The industrial grade design of the product and the original soft start function ensure the long-term stability and super anti-interference ability of the equipment under frequent opening conditions.

6. In terms of heat dissipation, a number of Taiwan high speed high-quality turbine fans are adopted. The strong air volume makes the equipment cool.

7. Multi-stage power output control, high power factor, mature and stable phase-locked loop technology. 

8. Achieve multiple devices to work at the same time without interference, the maximum power reaches 720KW or more.