Ranzhi | pays attention to the staff’s executive quality and cultivates the pragmatic spirit

On November 6, FOSHAN RANZHI ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the “RanZhi”) was held in the conference room department long meeting, the meeting for all the work smoothly ideas and Suggestions are put forward, and the “best execution staff quarter” has made the selection, evaluation RANZHI comrade Hongmei Chen, director of the office for the company’s “best execution staff quarter.The general manager of RANZHI company,Hongyong Zhu, presented him with a certificate of honor and a bonus, affirmed his work performance and encouraged him to make persistent efforts.

The general manager of RANZHI company (the first from the left) presented the honor certificate for the employee with the best execution ability in the quarter

The content of the department head meeting is divided into two parts: one is to propose corresponding solutions to the difficulties encountered in recent work; the other is to select the most powerful employees in this quarter. At the meeting, the heads of the departments conducted detailed communication and exchanges on the progress of each work and the difficulties encountered, and put forward corresponding reasonable solutions, which was conducive to the smooth development of the later work.In view of the work performance of the candidate employees with the best executive ability in this quarter, each department chief gave praise and awards respectively, and made careful evaluation. Finally, the employee with the best executive ability in this quarter was the office director Hongmei Chen, and the general manager Hongyong Zhu issued the honor certificate and bonus of “the best executive ability in this quarter”.