What is electromagnetic heating technology?

In life, many people may not know what electromagnetic heating is, but if we understand the working principle of electromagnetic heating, we will feel very simple. Let’s first understand what electromagnetic heating is through a working schematic:

One : Principle of electromagnetic induction heating

The process of electromagnetism is to convert 50HZ / 60HZ AC power to DC voltage through the conversion of electromagnetic heating device, and then convert the DC voltage to 20-40KHZ high-frequency voltage to output through the control circuit. The fast-moving high-voltage current is generated in the cable. High-speed changing magnetic field.

Magnetic generation heat is generated by cutting alternating magnetic lines of force on the surface of the container after the cable comes into contact with the iron container. Alternating currents (eddies) are generated on the metal part at the bottom of the container. The eddies cause the iron atoms at the bottom of the container to move at high speed, and the atoms collide and rub against each other, thus generating heat.

In short, the principle of electromagnetic induction heating is to use the conversion between electric, magnetic and thermal energy to achieve the effect of heating the heated object itself.

Two : Electromagnetic induction heating conditions

1.Electromagnetic heating device for converting electric energy

2.Electricity transmission cable

3.Iron-containing container

The huge thermal energy will cause the heated object to heat itself.

Three: Energy saving effect of electromagnetic heating

How much energy does electromagnetic heating save compared to traditional resistance heating? After all, this is a function of how it works. Electromagnetic heating is internal heating, which can cause the object to heat itself, while traditional resistance heating method, electricity is a transfer heating method. Compared with the two, electromagnetic heating saves heating time and avoids heat dissipation during transfer. Caused by waste.

Through the experience of more than 200 thermal technology actual electromagnetic conversion services, electromagnetic heating can save energy at least 30%, and the highest energy saving rate can reach more than 70%.

Four :Application fields of electromagnetic heating technology

Products that use the principle of electromagnetic heating technology have a wide range of applications:

  1. heating of plastic machinery, wood, construction, food, medical, chemical and other energy saving transformation, such as injection molding machine, extrusion machine, blown film machine, drawing machine, plastic film, pipe, electrical, machinery, food processing, textile, printing and dyeing, metallurgy, light industry, machinery, surface heat treatment and welding, boilers, water heaters, and other industries, can replace the resistance heating, fuel and traditional flame.
  2. Electromagnetic heating of textile printing and dyeing raw materials can improve energy efficiency, heating speed, and accuracy of temperature control.
  3. For light industry, canned food, and other plastic packaging seals, the electromagnetic boiler uses its fast heating characteristics to abandon the traditional boiler heating method, and only heats at the boiler outlet to complete the middle heating of the water flow. The heating speed is fast and saves space .
  4. Machinery industry: High-frequency electromagnetic heating can be applied to metals and heat treatment, and its effect is significantly improved compared with traditional processing methods. Others such as quenching of various mechanical parts, and tempering after quenching, annealing and normalizing, heat transfer before pressure treatment and other heat treatment.

The application of electromagnetic heating technology is not only conducive to product quality, production efficiency, energy saving and consumption reduction, but also improves the technical level of equipment manufacturing enterprises. It is increasingly accepted and used in traditional industries.