What are the performance advantages of electromagnetic steam generator?

The electromagnetic steam generator is a new type of water heating equipment that uses high-efficiency and energy-saving variable frequency electromagnetic as a heat source. Compared with traditional coal-fired boilers, electromagnetic steam generator has the advantages of no pollution, no emissions, and small floor space. This is a disadvantage that coal-fired boilers cannot avoid. Through the electrification system control greatly saves the investment of labor costs. Compared with gas boiler, electromagnetic steam generator has incomparable safety advantages, no leakage and no emission. Electromagnetic heating technology USES water and electricity to separate the internal and external insulation to avoid the traditional resistance heating boiler easy to aging leakage of electricity risk, life greatly extended. 

Performance advantage

1. The electromagnetic steam generator has an all-weather automatic time switch machine, which is fixed in multiple time periods and the power is infinitely adjustable.

2. Easy to operate, the water temperature can be adjusted arbitrarily between 30 °C and 90 °C according to user requirements.

3. It is the traditional way of generating heat from combustion into electromagnetic induction.

4. Fully automatic stepping heating mode, adopting step-by-step loading or load shedding design, adjusting balance load, reducing impact on the power grid, protecting heating elements and prolonging their service life.

5. The heating device adopts the world’s advanced electromagnetic induction heating, and the thermal efficiency is up to 95%.

6. Automatic tracking and detection of circulating pump, according to the change of water temperature can control the start and close of the circulating pump, to achieve the heating or bathing system cycle requirements.

7. It can be combined with a hot water tank to form a regenerative electric boiler.

8. Efficient energy-saving electric heating efficiency exceeds 20% of electric heating tube boiler, saving considerable operating cost for users, and recovering electromagnetic steam generator cost in one year;

9. The long maintenance period of the durable equipment completely eliminates the drawbacks of the electric heating tube boiler that needs to be replaced frequently, and reduces the maintenance cost.

10. The electromagnetic steam generator can realize the all-weather automatic time switch machine and the remote full information monitoring water machine operation status through the application of programmable automatic control (PLC).